Are you looking for something special for a dinner party, wedding, or other unique occasion? Suzanne sings, accompanied by a pianist or, if there is no room for a grand piano, with backing tracks – an ideal solution for special locations, such as a boat on a lake.


The Angel

The Angel brings light on earth. A popular idea at Christmas time having an angel singing the most enchanting Christmas songs and beautiful opera arias. With an angelical sense of humour of course!?


Donna Suzanna

As a Venetian masked lady, Donna Suzanna takes you on an Italian adventure with beautiful opera arias; moving, mysterious, funny and romantic. 
Suzanne makes her own Venetian masks and also works with masks made by Olga Dol


The Singing Mermaid (De Hoge C-Meermin)

The Singing Mermaid sings the most beautiful of mermaid arias and songs from all over the world. She has enchanted many people with her mesmerizing voice under the bridges of Amsterdam’s canals, in ponds and lakes or castle moats. Anywhere there is water, she can show up! She has even sung in museums, schools and churches!
The Singing Mermaid has a special Mermaid concert program that introduces children to classical music.