‘Music and Love are the wings of the soul’, as Berlioz has said. I would like to add another wing; humor!
Therefore I have filled my life with music for many years, and as a classical singer I have dedicated Myself to my passion: to create concerts and performances at all sorts of places, for all ages.



A Soul’s Journey

Soprano and actrice Suzanne Roels in  A Soul’s Journey is looking for her ideal Knight, her strong and honourable other half. To experience what it feels like, she decides to become a Knight herself. In search for adventure, she goes into the forest. There she meets all kinds of people that mirror her different qualities and lessons are being thaught.

A Soul’s Journey is a voyage along the old  archetypes of men and women, of the knight and

A Soul’s Journey 2018 – Fotograaf Ellard Vasen

A Soul’s Journey 2018 – Fotograaf Ellard Vasen

the priestess, of  light and darkness, and fears that are conquered . With a great sense of humor and ease  multi-talented Suzanne Roels tells her personal story with dance, opera-aria’s and  Shakespeare monologues. During this evening filled with music and theater, swordfighting and divine singing, Love conquers all!

The show is English spoken.


Soprano/Actrice: Suzanne Roels
Piano: Maarten Hillenius
Director: Kevin Bennett
Choreography: Sophia Maria Kienhaus

Nes 75-87
1012 KD Amsterdam

11 november 2018
Start: 20.15 uur  ( Doors open from: 19.30)
Length: around  60 min.

€ 15,-  (exc. €1,- reservationfee)
You can order your tickets with this  link:   https://bit.ly/2P1KIMJ



Soprano Suzanne Roels sings ‘O mio babbino caro’ by Puccini.
Life recorded, filmed and edited by Ellard Vasen.

Soprano Suzanne Roels sings Song to the Moon ( Rusalka) By Dvorak (short version).
Life recorded, filmed and edited by Ellard Vasen.

Suzanne Roels sings I could have danced all night from ‘My fair Lady’
by Lerner & Loewe.
Life recorded, filmed and edited by Ellard Vasen.

Recently, I made new recordings with my pianist Maarten Hillenius. Watch my videos of STORIE D’AMORE below. Fotoshoot in Italië by Dario&Misja, make-up artist Bart Brom, styling Tommy Driessen.


Also I have recorded, together with the wonderfull pianist Maarten Hillenius the CD ‘Les Bijoux’ in 2013, with French songs by Fauré,Chausson, Duparc and Hahn.
There is a fragment of ‘Les Bijoux ’ at this page.
You can also order ‘Les Bijoux’ for € 15,- (ex porto).Please send me an email with your name and address.

Anne Boleyn audition scene
Here I play the opening scene of ‘Anne Boleyn’ by Howard Brenton, where Anne Boleyn’s spirit confronts the audience with her story.

Audition scene ‘Divorcing Sex Offender’
Written by David Dalton & Chad Schnackel.
I play Eileen, and Mitch is played by Chip Bray of IN-casting.com