Suzanne Roels

Soprano Suzanne Roels combines her love of opera and theatre to create such unique performances and concerts as Concert The Magical Rose, Les Bijoux, Concert in Heaven, Song to the Moon, New Year’s Concert, Love, Water, Magic and Calm and Fairy Tale Concert. Fairy Tale Concert is about a pirate and three princesses, Hilaria Dramaria and Lalaria, and was entirely devised and written by Suzanne Roels. Humour, drama and poignancy alternate in the presentation, which is filled with arias, songs and more.
Suzanne Roels studied in England, at the Guilford School of Acting, where she studied with the well-known opera singer, Maureen Morell. Having returned to the Netherlands, she acted in various theatre productions, soaps, commercials and films, and followed workshops and masterclasses from renowned singers both in the Netherlands and abroad. To deepen her understanding of singing, she studied with Ingrid Voermans and enrolled in a number of seminars at the Lichtenberger Institut für angewandte Stimmphysiologie (= Lichtenberger Institute for Applied Vocal Physiology) in Germany. She studied with baritone David Wilson Johnson and soprano Linda Rands, and received coaching from opera director Elsina Jansen. She now studies with mezzo soprano Christa Pfeiler. In preparation for the CD Les Bijoux, she worked with Robin Bowman and Rudolf Jansen.
Roels regularly gives concerts and recitals with pianist Maarten Hillenius. She regularly is invited to sing at special events, such as the opening of Sail Amsterdam and that of Amsterdam, City on the Water at the new Bimhuis concert hall. She has also sung at the Parade entertainment event, the Paauw Pond Concert in Wassenaar, The Brabantse Dag (Theatre-festival), Open-air Concert at the ‘ De Haerecastle’ and for the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund. She frequently appears in her own Fairy Tale Concert in theatres, churches and castles across the Netherlands. With her performance as De Hoge C-meermin (The mermaid) she sings all sorts of mermaid aria’s and songs, a special programme for children and adults.
Les Bijoux is her debut CD.