Concerts and Shows


Suzanne can be booked for the following programmes:

Concert Cromhouthuis

Concert ‘L’amour con passión’

Concert ‘L’amour con passión’, French and Spanish Song by Suzanne Roels and Maarten Hillenius.
A wonderful programme full of Love and passion. Sung from the heart French and Spanish Song from the ‘Belle Epoque’ early 20th century.
The French ‘ doux amour’ of Hahn, Fauré, Chausson and Berlioz. As opposed to the Spanish ‘Duende’ of De Falla, Granados, Guastavino and Villa Lobos.


A Soul’s Journey

Soprano and actrice Suzanne Roels in  A Soul’s Journey is looking for her ideal Knight, her strong and honourable other half. To experience what it feels like, she decides to become a Knight herself. In search for adventure, she goes into the forest. There she meets all kinds of people that mirror her different qualities and lessons are being thaught.

A Soul’s Journey is a voyage along the old  archetypes of men and women, of the knight and

A Soul’s Journey 2018 – Fotograaf Ellard Vasen

A Soul’s Journey 2018 – Fotograaf Ellard Vasen

the priestess, of  light and darkness, and fears that are conquered . With a great sense of humor and ease  multi-talented Suzanne Roels tells her personal story with dance, opera-aria’s and  Shakespeare monologues. During this evening filled with music and theater, swordfighting and divine singing, Love conquers all!

The show is English spoken.


Soprano/Actrice: Suzanne Roels
Piano: Maarten Hillenius
Director: Kevin Bennett
Choreography: Sophia Maria Kienhaus





Soprano Suzanne Roels and Pianist Gilbert den Broeder bring a great varied programme with Opera aria’s of Mozart, Gluck, Vivaldi, Bellini, Dvorak and Rossini, but also very passioned Spanish and French songs of De Falla, Guastavino, Hahn and Liszt. An ode to Love.



The Magical Rose


The concert of ‘ The Magical Rose’ tells a beautifull story about Love, connected by a magical rose. With Songs of Hahn, French opera aria’s of Bizet, Gounod, Massenet. Spanish songs of De Falla and Guastavino. Italian aria’s of Rossini and Puccini and songs’s of Noël Coward. This varied programme is full of passion, enchantment, humor and also Flamenco!


CoverLB-300x269Concert Of French Songs And Arias

To promote her new CD “Les Bijoux”, Suzanne Roels, together with pianist Maarten Hillenius, presents a concert of French Songs by Fauré, Chausson, Duparc and Hahn, along with French opera arias from the 19th century (Bizet, Gounod, Massenet).
Suzanne is passionate in introducing the public to the lesser known, though beautiful songs, of Reynaldo Hahn.




Concert “The singing mermaid” (De Hoge C-meermin)

Suzanne gives an enchanting performance as The Singing Mermaid.
In many different languages she sings a variety of mermaid inspired songs and arias, from all over the world; telling exciting mermaid stories.
This programme takes 30 minutes (but can be extended or shortened).
Suzanne brings her own styling and props and she is accompanied by an underwater orchestra!? (backing tracks or a piano).
The Singing Mermaid has performed to great acclaim at the Teylers Museum in Haarlem during the exhibition “A Sea Full of Mermaids”, at the opening of “Amsterdam, City of Water” in the New Bimhuis (music-hall in Amsterdam), under the many bridges of the Amsterdam Canals, in lakes, castles, gardens, churches, schools….all watery venues!



Italian Opera Concert

Suzanne has a wide repertoire in Italian opera arias.
Arias by Händel, Vivaldi, Mozart, Bellini, Puccini, Verdi, Mascagni and others.
Maarten Hillenius is her accompanist at the piano.
To end on a lighter note, songs by Noël Coward, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and others can be added to the programme.

Previous concerts:


The Magical Rose

The Magical Rose was first performed at ‘ The Brabantse Dag’ ( Theatre-festival in Heeze, NL)


Aruna and Philip

Suzanne performed at the Haarlem Concert Hal (Philharmonie) in this fairy tale concert with Hakim, a co-production of the Haarlemse Balletschool, Kennemer Youth Orchestra, and the Stedelijk Gymnasium.



Les Bijoux

Suzanne Roels and Pianist Maarten Hillenius present the repertoire of their CD ‘Les Bijoux’ :Jewels of songs of Fauré, Chausson, Duparc and Hahn.




New year’s concert

A sparkling New Year’s Concert was given by Suzanne and pianist Maarten Hillenius with the programme including songs by Fauré, Hahn, Guastavino, opera arias by Puccini and the works of Noel Coward, Cole Porter and Irving Berlin.




Love, water, Magic and serenity

Songs by Haydn, Mozart, Debussy and Liszt and arias by Vivaldi, Mozart, Bellini, Puccini and Bernstein.



SprookjeFairytale concert

This Fairytale concert, written by Suzanne herself, tells the story of a pirate and three princesses. Dramaria, who is always crying, Hilaria, who is always laughing and Lalaria, who is always singing, keep the pirate occupied. With whom will he fall in love?
Suzanne plays all the roles herself and tells the story by arias, songs and text in rhyme.
This beautiful concert is accompanied by Maarten Hillenius at the piano.



MoonConcert to the Moon

An ode to the night and all her beauty and magic.
Soprano Suzanne Roels and pianist Naomi Tamura present this magical programme with French songs by Fauré and Canteloube, English songs by Quilter and Britten, Nocturnes by Chopin, and arias by Mozart, Gounod, Puccini and Dvorak.



HeavenConcert in Heaven

Soprano Suzanne Roels and English musical star Steve Molyneux present this varied concert, accompanied by pianist Maarten Hillenius.
This full programme included French songs (Fauré, Chausson),opera arias (Glück, Mozart, Bellini, Puccini), songs by Noel Coward and American duets immortalised by the likes of Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.